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 Home Exterior/Inside of Home

  1. Remove Throw Rugs

  2. Entrance Well lit, visible and barrier-free

  3. Handrails on both sides of stairways inside and outside your home

  4. Steps in good condition/even

  5. All stairways/rooms well lit with nightlights as needed

  6. Phones accessible in major living areas

  7. All pathways clear of debris/obstacles

  8. Thermostat easily accessible

  9. Rugs intact and/or removed or taped down with double sided tape

  10. Hazardous household agents stored in a safe place

Bathrooms and Kitchen

  1. Pan handles turned away when cooking

  2. Garments with long, loose sleeves not worn while cooking

  3. Easy on/off levered faucets in kitchen and bathroom sinks

  4. Countertops clean and safe

  5. Commonly used items within reach

  6. Shower/bathtub with nonskid mat

  7. Raised toilet if applicable

  8. Grab bars securely installed/used properly


  1. Half bed rail added on if there is difficulty getting in/out of bed/greater stability when sitting edge of bed

  2. Bed is adequate height

  3. Bedside Commode/Urinal if getting up at night is unsafe

  4. Telephone accessibility

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