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We are Here to Help

  • Do your loved ones live too far away to see regularly?

  • Do you find it's overwhelming for you to find the time each day to deal with all the day-to-day problems and situations that come up? 

  • Are you aware of all the community resource options available to you and your loved ones?

  • Do you need someone Right NOW to help guide you and your loved one through this challenging time?

  • Care Plan Assessments that will look at your loved ones Physical, Mental, Social levels. Financial Resources, Social, Spiritual needs, and Home Environment all are taken into consideration with specific long term and short term goals developed.

  • Regular Visitation and/or Participation in Meetings with the staff taking care of your loved one. As your Aging life Care Professional we can be that second set of eyes and ears while maintaining consistent communication with family.

  • Communicate/Listen/Advocate at Physician appointments to maintain effective care coordination for your loved one. 

  • Show up and be there for your loved one when you can't . . . wherever they may be. 


Comprehensive Assessment

  • Review of physical and cognitive (mental) status.

  • Assessment of nutritional needs.

  • Assessment of social functioning.

  • Identification of safety issues.

  • Safety Walk of present/future living conditions and making suggestions if necessary.

  • Review of overall quality of life with guidance in achieving the highest quality of care possible.

  • Based on the assessment, create a Plan of Care for the individual and caregiver to follow.

Oversight & Monitoring

  • Monitoring and oversight of care in-home, nursing home, assisted living, memory unit.

  • Recommending technologies to add to security or safety.

  • Observe changes and potential risks of exploitation or abuse.

  • Provide options and oversight for direct caregivers in your home.

  • Helping families evaluate and select the appropriate level of housing or residential options.

  • Determine the types of services that are right for a client and assisting to engage and monitor.

  • Coordinating the care of a loved one for families that live at a distance, including crisis management.

  • Local, cost-effective resources are identified and engaged as needed.

Medical Management

  • Attend Doctor appointments.

  • Advocate individual if an emergency should arise and need for Emergency Services. We are 24-7.

  • Schedule medical testing and radiology services and attend testing as needed.

  • Assist in securing transportation to and from medical services.

  • Facilitate communication between doctor, client, and family.

  • Monitor individual’s adherence to medical orders and instructions.

  • Coordinate home health care services and therapy visits.

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